About Kaunas district

Kaunas district Lithuania‘s green emerald, located in the very center of Lithuania. Here live history expressively bounds with nature‘s beauty and riches. Wonderful curves and valleys of the three longest Lithuania‘s rivers – Nemunas, Nėris and Nevėžis – Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park and untouched nature of the reservations and mounds fascinate and attract the eye. Kaunas region has 3 cities, 9 towns and 371 villages, which are included in the composition of the 25 elderships. About 149.5 thousand hectare site is home to nearly 100 thousand of the population.

Manors and museums

The best way to find out about Kaunas district cultural and historical heritage is by visiting the manors, recalling the nobility power and learn about land‘s traditions by visiting museums. The masterpieces of architecture recalling the old times, such as the 16th century gothic St. John the Baptist Church in Zapyškis, the 17th century Raudondvaris manor ensemble, Žemaitkiemis (Babtynas) estate attracts more and more visitors not only because of the historical heritage, but also because of famous events. Lots of  interesting museum values are collected in Kaunas district branches of the Museum: the old Lithuanian traditions are presented in Ananas and Jonas Juškos ethnic culture museum in Vilkija, various exhibitions of folk artists and concerts of ethnographic ensembles take place there, in traditional crafts center guests are introduced to the agricultural machinery, collections of household and ethnographic utensils of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Let‘s travel slowly

Nature lovers will find refreshment in Kaunas district. Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park attracts visitors by spectacular landscapes, outcrops, vegetation and wildlife diversity. Arlaviškiai Juniper Valley, Žiegždriai geological and Dubrava minor reservations cognitive trails every year are more and more intensively visited by travelers. We recommend beginning the introduction to Kaunas Lagoon with the Visitor Centre in Vaišvydava.

One can learn about cultural, natural and historical heritage of Kaunas district by choosing a trip of pleasure boats down the Nemunas and the Nevėžis. On summer weekends from Kaunas old ship terminal, you will arrive at Kulautuva or Kačerginė towns, which were prosperous in the interwar period and also Zapyškis and Vilkija towns or you can go to Raudondvaris Manor. Those who like long walks in nature should not bypass "The rills‘ path“ of Kačerginė, Kulautuva health and Jadagonys ecological trails.

Bike tour

Expanding bicycle facilities invite to learn more about Kaunas district by wheeling bicycle pedals. Thanks to the project of the short Pakaunė tourism ring, which is under development, without any hassle one can reach by bicycle paths Kačerginė and Zapyškis or Kulautuva, which is located on the other bank of the Nemunas.