A Churchyard Fence with a Gate of Saint Anne’s Parish Church in Karmėlava

The first church was set up in Karmėla in about 1521. Since then, this house of worship has been burned and destroyed for a number of times and has been rebuilt even four times.

The last time the church burned during World War II, on 29 July 1944. The house of worship was moved to a farm building of the presbytery and has functioned to date. Situated next to the old churchyard of the former church, the church resembles in form a residential house.

The Baroque gates built in the 19th century survived the fire mentioned above. They are 3 m high, lattice, made by blacksmiths. The gate is supported by brick columns, has iron ornamented crosses above. The same style 1.5 m high gate stands nearby. In 1992, the fence and the gate were entered in the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Register.

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