Antanas and Jonas Juška ethnic culture museum

Since olden times in Vilkija, in the Small Street of Kaunas, a famous house bearing number two has been standing. In the 18th century, a presbytery used to be here.

In 1862–1864 a priest, folklorist, ethnographer and linguist Antanas Juška resided here. Spiritual riches of the Lithuanian nation accumulated by him – a rich glossary of ancient Lithuanian words, songbooks, collections of melodies – astounded even Motiejus Valančius who used to visit here.

Before World War II, the old house was bought by obstetrician O. Mongirdienė with her husband poet A. Fiodorov who turned the building into a peculiar cultural centre - gathering of literary figures, like Vydūnas, P. Kalpokas, A. Žmuidzinavičius, B. Dauguvietis, J. Naujalis, S. Nėris, I. Bunin, etc.

A museum of ethnic culture was set up here in 1989. It was run by Arūnas Sniečkus, member of Kaunas historic buildings conservation club Atgaja. The name of the museum also immortalizes the name of Brother Jonas who was of great help in giving publicity to these riches.

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