Piepaliai mound

Piepaliai, otherwise known as Babtynas, Babcina, Žemaitkiemis, mound is dated back to the 1st millennium – the early 2nd millennium. A castle with a wooden defence tower and defence wall used to stand here. From the side of the valley the castle was protected by steep slopes 15 m high. Castle fires caused by battles having been fought here are evidenced by the abundance of fine pieces of burnt clay plaster.

A settlement used to be here. Some legends run that the mound was banked by Swedish people with their hats, other variations give mention of Napoleonic wars.

Piepaliai mound opens a view to the Nevėžis river and Babtynas manor. From here, a settlement of Babtai mentioned since the end of the 14th century and the first monument to commemorate a flight of Darius and Girėnas across the Atlantic are seen.

Edmundas Mališauskas photo

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