Jaučakiai mound

Having a regular shape and interesting fortifications Jaučakiai mound with an ancient settlement is one of the best preserved mounds in Panemunė. The mound is dated back to the 1st millennium – the early 15th century.

In this place, a wooden Paštuva (Vilkija) castle was set up. An invasion of crusades into these lands was mentioned in the chronicle by Peter of Dusburg in 1292.

Archaeologists discovered a cultural layer with pottery of the 4th – 13th centuries, a bone needle, and a 1.1 m-thick cultural layer at the foot of the settlement.

A legend runs that the mound was poured by Swedish people with their hats, and it used to host a manor. Someone, however, cursed the manor and it sank down. According to other legends, there used to be a hole on the top and one could hear a stone thrown into it, yet the stone could not reach the bottom, or that giants used to live here.

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