Juniper valley

Juniper Valley is a unique place in Lithuania. The botanical reserve is situated in Arlaviškės village, on a steep slope of Nemunas river. Junipers grow by itself. Valley is decorated with a variety of plants in various colours, shapes, smells. Some of them are extremely rare. Juniper Valley belongs to Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park. It is one of national nature monuments.

In 2004 Juniper Valley was included in the Natura 2000 network. In 2010 a cognitive pathway was built all along the upper slope of the valley. In 2016 1,3 km length cognitive pathway was nominated as the most beautiful one in Lithuania.

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Photo credits: Saulius Jankauskas

Geras parkas
2019-08-28 Geras parkas gražioje vietoje teks kada nors aplankyti tokį gerą parką nes dabar vasara eina į pabaigą o žmo ės dar nori patostogauti pasimaudyti pasidžiaugti vasara gražiu oru