Karpis’ Poplar

A romantic Paštuva legend runs that at the start of the 19th century Ignas Karpis lived with his sister and protected serfs against her anger. He fell in love with one of them– Lithuanian girl Marta. The ferocious Karpis’ sister did not approve this love. While he stayed in Italy, Marta and several other serfs were whipped with poplar sticks. Upon returning and not finding his sweetheart, grief- stricken Karpis told to plant these sticks. One of them took root.

Growing on the roadside the poplar with a diameter of 5.34 m at a height of 1 m was stricken by a lightning. Its upper part crashed after the blow and the erupted fire burned the trunk from inside. For safety reasons, the biggest part of the tree was cut down. The remaining part of the trunk was trimmed up.

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