Kaunas District Museum

Kaunas district museum was established in 2013. Museum encompasses Juozas Naujalis memorial museum, Antanas and Jonas Juška ethnic culture museum, Babtai local history museum, Tadas Ivanauskas Obelynė homestead and Traditional crafts center in Biliūnai village.

Juozas Naujalis memorial museum located in Raudondvaris manor, displays exhibits representing daily life, work and social activities of Juozas Naujalis (1869–1934), such as photographs, documents, personal items, and samples of his written music. Another part of the collection consists of exhibits reflecting the region of Raudondvaris, life of prominent people from this area, mostly reflecting the times of the noble family of Tiškevičiai who were the owners of the Raudondvaris manor.

Antanas and Jonas Juška ethnic culture museum was established in Vilkija in 1990. Antanas Juška was one of the most famous lexicographers, folklorists, and musicologists in Lithuania. He compiled about 70.000 Lithuanian language words in a dictionary, recorded about 7.000 Lithuanian folk songs.

Babtai local history museum displays authentic exhibits, representing daily life and culture of local peasants and landlords.

In traditional crafts center in Biliūnai village you can find an exhibition of various agricultural and other types of machinery, ancient household tools, dating back to 19th-20th centuries.

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