Pypliai mound

The mound is on the left bank of Nemunas, near the eastern end of Kačerginė forest, right in front of the Nevėžis estuary. The slopes are 30 m high, with steps leading up to the top of the mound. From the top you can admire a wonderful view of Nemunas as well as the bell towers of Raudondvaris church. It is thought that here used to stand a wooden castle, which was used to defend locals against the Crusaders. The mound was built circa 500 AD, but was abandoned for a while afterwards.

Pyplių piliakalnis
2018-07-15 Vaizdas nuostabus. Nesitikėjau, kad aplink Kauną dar yra tokių nuostabių vietų. Rekomenduoju nuvažiuot bet kokiu paros metu.