Raudondvaris St. Theresa of the child Jesus church

The church is rebuilt of the base of previous church, which was designed in 1846-1857 by famous Italian architect Laurynas Cezaris Anikinis on request of count Benediktas Emanuelis Tiškevičius and destroyed during World War I. The church is rich in valuable pieces of sacred art.

Mass time: I-V - 18.00, VII - 10.00 ir 12.00

2022-11-17 Tokio miestelio niekur nepamatysi.
2022-11-17 Raudondvaris pats gražiausias Kaimas!!!!!!!!!!
Saint Therese of the Child Jesus church in Raudondvaris
2022-06-04 From the out side felt very Mediterranean or even Mexican, and after walking around the closed church we were approached by the priest who opened up and gave us a guided tour and history lesson including going to the top of the spire and even had a play on the organ, the paintings were interesting and considering it had been bombed and rebuilt some of the original relics were still able to be viewed. Sometimes it’s not all about shining trinkets but interesting stories ❤️