Summerhouse of Romanas Polovinskas

This house was one of the most modern hotels in the Baltic countries. This luxurious summerhouse near the famous villa Vita was built in 1936 by the-then millionaire, owner of Mūras construction company Romanas Polovinskas.

“The hotel may cater for the taste of the most pampered tourists and foreigners”, wrote the press of that time. The hotel had 18 rooms, stylish furniture, baths, showers, excellent ventilation, central heating. A hairdressing saloon and barber shop, reading-hall, library, gambling room were installed. The summerhouse was adapted for living all year round. A boiler house, coal storage facility were set up in the basement; also, an ice storage facility was available. Holidaymakers were offered tennis and other playgrounds, a fountain. Electricity was supplied by the power plant of the resort.

Before the war, it served as Kulautuva holiday home, and from 1949, it housed a unit of the new TBC sanatorium. Since the reestablishment of independence, its space has been used for Kulautuva eldership office and a library.

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