The First Fort of Kaunas Fortress

This fort was built in 1882–1889, reconstructed in the late 19th century – the early 20th century. The buildings are similar to a typical design: the fort is shaped as a regular extended hexagon and is symmetrical composition.

On top of the defensive mound, artillery and infantry battle positions were set up. In casemates under the defensive mound, ammunition dumps were installed. Barracks and inner courtyards were connected by external ditches – poterns. For flange defence of the ditch, caponiers and semi-caponiers were installed. An external defence ditch was surrounded by a contrescarpe domed red brick wall.

Due to shortage of the housing space in the interwar period, poor people made their abode there. In the abandoned ammunition dump of the rear guards, a gas chamber was installed. In 1938–1940, executions of criminal offenders were carried out here. During the Soviet occupation years, the First Fort belonged to the Kaunas anti-aircraft defence brigade of the Baltic Region.

Here, maintenance of C-125 missiles was carried out. Currently, the territory of the fort is adapted for visitors, celebration of festivals, excursions, equine education.

Mantas Biknius photos

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