The monument in memory of murdered jews

This monument, funded by Kaunas district municipality and Litvaks living in the United States nearby the old Vandžiogala Jewish cemetery is in memory of Jewish nationality people who were murdeder here on the 8th of July, 1941. The monument commemorates the memory of 37 victims – 34 Jews, 2 Lithuanians, 1 Russian.

A composition of hands at the bottom of a vertical stela symbolizes a prayer for help of people who were murdered in Vandžiogala that was not heard. And there is another hand at the top that was not stretched out for help and that allowed killing these people in the middle of Vandžiogala forest.

Author of the monument – architect Violeta Beigienė, sculptor – Lukas Šiupšinkas, painter – Vygintas Tvarijonavičius, project manager – Mažvydas Beiga, engineer – Vydas Jaskelevičius.

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