The St. Anne Chapel

Saint Anne’s chapel in Kačerginė was built according to the design of Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis in 1936. Having waited for 62 years sketches of the non-realized design were revised in 1998 by architects Feliksas Jackevičius and Gediminas Jurevičius. Proportions and essential highlights of the building, tough, have not been changed. The first Holly Mass was celebrated in Saint Anne’s chapel in Kačerginė on 26 December 1998.

Saint Anne’s chapel in Kačerginė belongs to St. John The Baptist parish of Zapyškis. The building is rectangular with a small sacristy projection on the western side. A long wooden ladder harmoniously suits the glass planes of facades.

A visitor may view a particularly rare stained glass alter in the interior of the chapel. Its author – artist Artūras Rinkevičius. Next to the chapel, a 12m- high belfry, a monument to Lithuanian partisans (1994, author Jonas Lukšė) has been set up. The churchyard is surrounded by a hedge of spruce trees.

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