Engineer Viktoras Rėklaitis' villa

During the inter-war period Kačerginė was a unique suburb resort of the Provisional Capital where by a number of prominent politicians, artists, public figures built their houses. One of them was Reklaitis (1890–1942) – engineer, long-term member of the sailors’ union, one of organizers of the Lithuanian merchant fleet. A wooden villa with a tower was built by Reklaitis in 1935–1938.

During the Soviet occupation, the villa was nationalized and put to use as a dispensary. Later, it started to deteriorate. The object was restored in 2016 with funds of Kaunas District Municipality (architect– Saulius Gudas). A number of authentic elements of the wooden architecture has been preserved: wooden stairs to the tower, doors, window locks, etc. Owing to its cosiness and gracefulness, the villa has often been called a pearl of interbellum modernism.

Open to the public, the historical building houses Kačerginė eldership office. Here, cognitive-educational programmes are held. On 5 March 2014, the villa was entered in the Cultural Heritage Register.

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