Project activities



Activities implemented by project partners


1. Tours for media and tourism professionals

2. Exchange of good practice with entrepreneurs and tourism and culture professionals through trips to partner cities

3. A promotional film created for potential tourists about Kačerginė, Zapyškis, Kulautuva, Vilkija in Lithuania and Koknese and Jaunjelgava in Latvia

4. Plein airs for young painters in Koknese, Latvia, and for young photographers in Kačerginė, Lithuania, with the aim to attract visitors by organizing artists’ exhibitions

5. Complex of cultural events

6. International Conference on Water Tourism

7. Development of a QR code system, a travel guide, in the towns by the rivers

8. Historical research of Jaunjelgava city, historical knowledge about the period of river trade will be used for virtual reality tourism stands, tourist information center and tourist routes

9. Creation of a place for a boat park near the ruins of Koknese Castle and Koknese Park, construction of exhibits – examples of ancient water vehicles (raft, long boat, cargo platform (ostrich)), which will serve as an open-air stage

10. Creation of comfortable rest places on the other bank of the Daugava – next to Staburags in Jaunjelgava county

11. Construction of a mineral water buvette in Kulautuva

12. Information stands in Latvia and information terminal in Lithuania