Representative videos of riverside towns



The video is about 6 riverside towns in the Interreg project „Living Rivers“ partner territories: Kačerginė, Zapyškis, Kulautuva and Vilkija in Kaunas district and Koknese and Jaunjelgava in Latvia.

The video clip presents an attractive tourist route along the Nemunas in Kaunas District and Koknese and Jaunjelgava along the Daugava in Latvia.


Just drive along the river and be sure to find something interesting!


Kaunas District

We invite you to stop in historic town Kačerginė and visit a unique wooden architectural heritage object – the villa of the general doctor Pranas Vaičiuška, and a recently reconstructed „Spring‘s Square“ with a beautiful view and a recreation area.

Gothic Church of St John the Baptist in Zapyškis is called the Mother of Lithuanian churches.

Near by the church is a pier of small ships from which you cross the Nemunas on a ship „Zapyškis“ and get to the pine-scented town green beauty Kulautuva.

Here you will find a newly built mineral water buvette and the mistique valley of the ancient Lithuanian Gods and Goddesses.

Vilkija is often called „Small Switzerland“ for it‘s hilly streets and breath taking sites.

It is a home to the music of jazz legend L. Armstrong and the beautiful church of St George on the top of the hill.


Koknese and Jaunjelgava

Tourists are very welcome to visit project‘s partners in Latvia – Koknese and Jaunjelgava.

The graceful historic centre of Jaunjelgava, the mystical Staburag's Cliff Memorial and the Vigante Manor Park.

And nearby, Kuoknese invites you to stroll in the Garden of Destiny and among the ruins of the Koknese medieval castle.


What words can‘t convey, we invite you to see in the video clips, and later come and see our riverside towns for yourself.

Just drive along the river and be sure to find something interesting.


Short version:


These films are part of the project „Living by the rivers: development of tourism products based on ancient and modern history in Baltic countries“.

The project is funded by the 2014-2020 Interreg V-A Latvia-Lithuania Programme. This film has been produced with financial support from the European Union.

The content of this film is the responsibility of Kaunas District Tourism and Business Information Centre.

Under no circumstances can it be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.