Park of Lithuanian Martyrs Sculptures

Created since 1995 the park invites to remember fights for our nation’s freedom and losses since the times of the Grand Duke Vytautas Magnus to date.

The theme of the park in front of the Lithuanian Martyrs church in Domeikava is associated with the church title.

The park that comes to life at the time of different festival features dozens of sculptural groups which together symbolize a way of Christ’s cross. This cross is for commemorating martyrs, sculptural groups are in memory of 1940 occupation and 1941 deportation, battles of the times of Vytautas Magnus, millennium of Lithuania, fights of Lithuanian partisans, unborn children, events of 1364, KGB victims, Chernobyl catastrophe. The sculpture park is decorated by wayside shrines to the Mother of Partisans and to millennium of the name of Lithuania.

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