Vincas Mykolaitis - Putinas Sculptural Benches Park

In Kačerginė, the classic of the Lithuanian literature Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas wrote the fourth part of the novel “In the Shadows of the Alters”, yet not finished it. He also translated “Mr. Tadas” by Adam Mickewicz, created poetry. In 1989, by decision of local residents, the street where the writer used to live was named after him. A sculpture of V. Mykolaičio-Putinas has been set up in that street, and a park to immortalize the memory of the literary classic was established.

“Nature and Man: in Memoriam” – such is the name of this park. Sculptural benches and mythological characters – gods Thunder and Milda – were created in 2008 by the sculptors Vidmantas Vikšraitis and Adolfas Teresius at the invitation of Kačerginė Community Centre. Lines from the poet’s poem “I made offerings to the earth” were carved out on the surface of the benches.

Each spring “Poetry Spring” celebrations take place in the park. During the festival, creative works are presented by poets, literary men, bards.

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