Dubrava reserve area

Reserve area was founded in 1994 in order to preserve the rare forest habitat, the lush conifer woods and other very valuable flora there. From a naturalist point of view a very important is the naturally formed bog. The reserve has been in a protective status since 1968, which means it is completely untouched for over 5 decades. The whole reserve is over 120 ha, which is also home to pines that reach up to 33 metres. The highest recorded pine growing in the reserve is 38 metres tall while the thickest one is almost 78 cm thick and 8 m3 in volume. A 1.9 km pathway leads visitors throughout the most interesting parts of the reserve and has 8 informational stands at different parts of the path presenting in depth information about the local fauna and flora features.  

More information: https://www.aplinkmarias.lt/en/sightseeing-places/dubrava-reserve-area/

Photo credits: Saulius Jankauskas

Dubravos rezervatinės apyrubės įvertinimas
2018-07-28 Labai graži vieta, noris ilgesnių medinių tekelių per pelkes.