Guogai - Piliuona mound

Located between Guogai and Piliuona villages and dated back to the 1st millennium and the early 2nd millennium, the mound is also referred by the names of both villages.

It was set up at the edge of the plateau on the left bank of the Nemunas. The southern part of the mound was washed away by the Nemunas River in the early 20th century. After the Kaunas Lagoon was set up, it deteriorated even faster. Only the northern edge, still falling apart, has remained.

Archeologic studies revealed that the banked earth of the mound had been heightened many times and its yard area had been expanded at the same time. Remains of a double wooden defence wall, also dashed, smooth, rough, polished and thrown pottery, iron knifes were found. In the ancient settlement at the foot of the mound, a 60–100 cm thick cultural layer was discovered which lower thickness horizon is dated back to the middle of the 1st millennium – 13th century.

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