Villa of Pranas Vaičiuška

In the interwar period, Kačerginė was a unique resort where homes were built by famous public and political figures, including Pranas Vaičiuška (1876–1939), general of the military brigade, doctor, public activist. He represented Lithuania in diplomatic matters in Persia, India, Estonia. As early as at Mintauja high school he belonged to the secret society “The Infant” that instilled national self-esteem, disseminated the banned press.

Construction of the villa was commenced in 1935 (author – architect P. Valiukėnas). After the war, it housed a seven-grade school. In 1994–1998, the building served as a temporary chapel of Kačerginė. In 2013, on the initiative of the town community the deteriorating structure of the wooden architecture was entered in the Cultural Heritage Register.

In 2014, the villa was acquired by the family of Algirdas Pukis and was reconstructed according to the design approved by the Cultural Heritage Department (design manager – architect R. Giedraitis). Many authentic elements have been preserved.

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