Underground Publishing House “ab”

This is the only one such type hideout in Lithuania that has not been detected by Soviet security. From here, underground publications were disseminated in thousands of copies across the whole country. Its founders Vytautas Andziulis and Juozas Bacevičius fought against the propaganda of occupation authorities and sought to preserve the spiritual values of our nation.

V. Andziulis had been odds with the Soviet authorities already in 1968, when he decided to build a homestead. At that time, it was not desirable to live in the garden house permanently. Under this homestead, he built a printing house that was kept secret even from his own children.

In 1980–1990, patriotic and religious publications of 23 titles and in 138,000 copies were printed here. All of them were printed with the offset printing machine assembled by Andziulis.

The publishing house “ab” has been included into the list of equipment and locations of the cold war of historical interest. Today, a unit of Vytautas Magnus War Museum in Kaunas is housed here.

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