Jaunjelgava is one of the cities founded by the Duke of Courland. In 1590 Duke Friedrich Kettler granted Jaunjelgava city rights. In 1600 the Swedish-Polish war wiped the town from the face of the earth, in 1647 the duke's widow restored the town and granted it city rights, and in memory of the deceased husband, the duke's widow named the town Friedrichstadt.

Over time, Jaunjelgava has been called Sērene, Jelgaviņa, Lubu Jelgava, Jaunpilsēta and Jaunā Rīga. The history of Jaunjelgava dates back to the 13th century, when a settlement began to form near the Daugava waterway in Sērene instead of the Sērene Castle, which was destroyed.

In 1861, when the Riga-Daugavpils railway line was opened, Jaunjelgava lost its significance as a berth for the Daugava waterway. The town was often destroyed during wars, affected by plague, cholera epidemics, fires and floods on the Daugava. At the beginning of the 20th century, Jaunjelgava was the largest city in Latvia after Riga in terms of the size of its territory.




Most popular tourism objects in Jaunjelgava


Historical centre of Jaunjelgava town

National level historical monument (built in 17th-19th century) of town construction. In the historical center of Jaunjelgava you can see the churches, the memorial statue “Heroes of the War of Independence” and the monument of the first Minister of Transport and Labor of the Republic of Latvia Teodors Hermanovskis. Guided tours through Jaunjelgava. Tours book in advance.


+371 27366222


Jaunjelgava promenade

Well-maintained walking trail on the bank of the Daugava (~2 km) with a playground for children, rest areas with benches, tables, campfire places and parking.



Memorial site of cliff Staburags and Vīgante manor park

In Vīgante Park you can see the memorial sign “Dieva auss” dedicated to the flooded rock of Staburags, the sculpture “Daina”, the day lily garden, the Staburags meeting house with exhibitions. In Vīgante Park it is possible to visit P.Barisons’ gazebo, where there is information about the composer, his work, song festival tradition and it is possible to listen to the compositions created by the composer.

Vīgante, Staburags parish

+371 29391109

56.5793, 25.4816


Woodcraver P.Graudulis' house

The master’s works can be seen in the museum from the beginning to the present day. Apply for a visit in advance. The entrance for donations.

Jelgavas Street, Jaunjelgava

+371 27597747


Struve Geodetic Arc point BRISTEN

In 2005, the circle of Struves was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique system for the longest and most accurate geodesic measurements of the 19th century.

Sece parish

56 3452,60476, 25 21342700



Water tourism in Jaunjelgava


Boat “Vīgante”

Excursions along the river Daugava on a barque “Vīgante”.

Staburags parish

+371 28703102, +371 28490667



Tent place Gundegas

Offers SUP, boat rental on the bank of the river Daugava in Sece.


Sece parish

+371 20233637


Water tourism center

Transfer services between Jaunjelgava and Skriveri. Excursions by boat “Balta Kaza”. Offers canoe, SUP, catamaran, water bicycles, raft; fishing boat rental.

+371 29442587




Acommodation in Jaunjelgava


Holiday house “Piešupīte”

Staburags, Staburags parish

+371 29490300


Tent recreation place “Vīgantes parks”


+371 29892925


Recreation site “Lapsu ciems”

“Piparkalni”, Sece parish

+371 29181195


Tent rest area on the bank of the Daugava “Gundegas”

“Gundegas”, Sece parish

+371 20233637


Holiday house “Trīs istabas”

Lazdāres, Sērene parish

+371 29476944


Guest house “Iecavnieki”

Iecavnieki, Sērene parish

+371 26334498


Guest House “Rats”

Daudzese parish

+371 29114886


Holiday houses “Kraujas”

Sērene parish

+371 27897824


Bathhouse “Radzes”

Sece parish

+371 26908813


Camping “Balseri”

“Balseri 2”, Daudzese parish

+371 26046258


Guest house “Daugava”

Sērene parish

+371 26479479





Cafe At Aigars

+371 29478709

Jelgavas iela 69, Jaunjelgava

56.6173, 25.0894


Jaunjelgava school cafe Citruss

Uzvaras iela 1, Jaunjelgava

+371 65152305

56.6116, 25.0828


Cafe “Rudais Ūsiņš”

“Tiltnieki -2”, Sērene, Aizkraukle Municipality

+371 29209184

56.5767, 25.2097


Cafe “Garšu banka”

Jelgavas iela 37, Jaunjelgava

+371 22061776

56.63127, 25.08830



Tourist information

Jaunjelgava tourism information point

33 Jelgava Street, Jaunjelgava

+371 27366222,